Monday, 7 February 2011

Footballs gone mad

In a time when a country is in recession and the average Joe has become more careful in watching what he spends, it is clear, now more than ever that football has gone mad. In the January 2011 transfer window, the deals of Fernando Torres and Andy Carroll became the 1st and 2st highest ever premier league transfers. With the former being sold for a staggering British record of 50m, despite recent announcement that Chelsea have losses of 70m last season. [1] With a new record for the January window, £225m was spent, massively contrasting the £30m spent this time last year.

The most surprising of the two transfers is young Andy Carroll. Rewind to last year, Newcastle are promoted to the Premier League, with Andy Carroll their top scorer with 17 goals, joint 6th highest scorer in the Championship. Now fast forward back to January 2011, 6 months later, Carroll, last years 6th top scorer in the Championship, is being bought for more money than Rooney, Drogba and Berbatov.

Admittedly his 11 league goals in 19 appearances is very impressive, however having only played half a season in the Premier League, Liverpool are taking a massive gamble, especially by making him the second highest Premier League transfer of all time. The amount of money they have offered must be putting great pressure on young Carroll. Coupled with the fact he has basically been straight swapped for Torres, Carroll has very big boots to fill and despite playing it cool, he must surely be feeling pressure to deliver the goods. Nobody can argue that Carroll has massive potential and could become a great striker in the future, however the transfer has potential to be disastrous, should this be a footballing experience similar to that of Roque Santa Cruz.

Being only 22 years old, Carroll has his best days ahead of him and has plenty of time to mature. Only time alone will tell is Andy Carroll is truly as great as his price tag suggests and I sincerely hope he is.

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